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What is it? VVCap is a tool designed to do a single-click screen capture to web. It is that easy. You can use VVCap for: instant messaging, email, twitter, any other social networking site, when you need to do a "quick-post" of what you see on your screen

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How does it work? When launched, vvcap will park itself into a system tray area. It will not open any window or appear in the task manager. To access vvcap, simply click on the icon in system tray. It is also possible to make a screenshot by pressing PrintScreen button. Selecting an area on the screen is done with a mouse click, drag, and release. Pressing Escape key will cancel screen capture.

After mouse is released, vvcap will post the image to the web server. This is done behind the scenes, it may or may not be instantaneous, depending on your network connection. Once the image gets successfully posted, the URL, through which an image could be accessed, will get copied to a clipboard. This way, if you are in the middle of instant message conversation, you can seamlessly share piece of your screen through posting it to url. Up to 10 last image URLs could be accessed through the system tray menu.

Do I need an account? No registration, no password, just run and have fun

Are my images secure? Every image has unique 120-bit URL. In order to see that image, one needs to know the URL. Unless you publish that URL, it is not conceivable to see it by mistake or by guessing.

Do you share my images with 3rd party? No. As a matter of fact, it is not possible for the server administrator to even open an image. Images stored in the database are protected by DES encryption, and server administrator doesn't keep the keys. Images are only decrypted once someone opens a URL, part of which is a decryption key. This way, nobody can decrypt the data until you request it, which minimizes a risk of invasion on your privacy.

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VVCap is available in: English, Spanish and Russian

List of download options is available on SourceForge.NET website

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